About Conway Real Estate Services, Inc.

When speaking about property management, frequently Owners fret over the cost of a property manager versus realizing the full service they are missing out when not employing a professional property manager. At CRESINC, our mission statement is:

“We improve the value of your real estate, we maximize the Owner’s net return and we budget intelligently for the future.”

Every property has problems of one sort or another, whether you are questioning the county on the property tax assessments, or dealing with a sticky compliance issue with the city or negotiating a lease settlement with a tenant you are evicting, there are always challenges. At CRESINC, we take the long view on each particular problem, present it to the Owner, suggest an appropriate solution and follow through to a satisfactory conclusion. We do this because as a team, CRESINC works together. Our workloads overlap purposely so that the system of checks and balances are in place, so that ideas are suggested freely and so that the action taken is the best avenue for the Owner.

Location: Redondo Beach, CA Type: Retail GLA 55,000 SF

4100 Guardian Street 136,000 SF Class A Office Building

Type: Retail GLA: 13,500 Tenants: Trader Joe’s, Coffee

Location: Downtown Los Angeles Type: Office GLA: 92,000

Location: 2650 Orbiter, Brea, CA Type: R & D GLA:

Location: Studio City, CA Type: Retail GLA: 50,000 Tenants:

Location: Northridge, CA Type: Office GLA: 112,000 Tenants: