Founded in 1999, Conway Real Estate Services, Inc. (CRESINC) has really come full circle in some respects. It was Charlie Dunn who first started working for Matt Conway, an Irishman who loved Los Angeles, and who ran a brokerage in Hollywood in the 1920s. They mostly sold farmland to investors. Charlie Dunn then married Matt’s daughter, Gertrude Conway, bought Matt’s brokerage and proceeded to have three children – Dick, Dorothy and Joe. Dick and Joe would start to work for Charlie in the 1950s in his company that was now called Charles Dunn Company. Dick and Joe grew this company throughout the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties to one of the most respected regional brokerages in the western United States specializing in all aspects of the sale and management of commercial real estate. In 1999, the firm was sold along with the name. Matthew Conway Dunn was working for Charles Dunn at the time of the sale but was able to take some management assets and then start Conway Real Estate Services, Inc. We at CRESINC have been working steadily since.